Tuesday, August 18, 2020

In the Blink of an Eye

 And in the blink of an eye we have gone from 33 down to 12 days until we leave for Key West and the jumping off point of our residency in Dry Tortugas National Park at Loggerhead Key.  What have we been up to?  Lots!  We have done some interviews some for now and some as party of two part before and after interviews to come out after we get back.  There has been a lot of list making and double checking that all items will be packed and will fit in my Suby for the Drive Down to Key West where will board a National Park boat and head off for our home for 30 days on Loggerhead Key.  

Currently on my nightstand.  Ia dreading up about things for the residency and dreaming about the art both Shannon and I will get to create over the course of a month.

It is getting so very really.  We are down to making menus and buying the dry goods we willed for the month.  Wee will purchase perishables down in Key West the day before we head out.  I know there will be hot uncomfortable days and a lot schlepping of gear around the island and I will miss creature comforts and chatting with my friends over social media, but I am equally sure this once in a lifetime opportunity will be amazing.  I plan to journal everyday and hope the thoughts and ideas I get down on paper will do justice to the experience and prove as inspiration to other artists who are considering applying for this very special residency or one of the many others out there.

To our friends who have been following since we stated this journey with our application for the 2019 residency thanks for sticking around and encouraging us through the year plus of time and hard work we put it that had no guarantee would end with getting the residency.  It was a gamble that paid off.

Also to everyone who contributed to our GoFundMe.  Thank you!!!! because of your generosity we have a few items to make sure we are comfortable on the island,  GoPro cameras to film the adventure and a Satellite phone we rented for emergencies and to check in with our wonderful supportive wives!

Loggerhead 2020!

Tortuga Brother Carl

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  1. I can hardly believe the day is nearly here! WOOOHOOOO!