Tuesday, August 25, 2020

6 Days and counting Carl's last pre trip post

 Hi Friends!

Well here we are six days away from Shannon and I heading to Key west for the start of our residency at Dry Tortugas National Park.  We will arrive in Key West on 8/30.  We will stay in Key West two nights while we shop for provisions and go through orientation from the NPS.  On 9/1 we board the ferry to Fort Jefferson and then take a National Park boat for the last 3 miles to Loggerhead Key and our home for the next month.  The time since finding out about our selection for the residency has dragged and flown by at the same time.  We are eager to get to Loggerhead key to start creating the art and the movie we have been dreaming of and taking about ad nauseam.  This week we have had to sit and watch as two tropical storms took paths near but thankfully not at the Tortugas.  Fingers crossed that is the closet we come to hurricanes.  We look forward to days and days of exploring and creating.  I have had a bit of a hiccup that almost jeopardized the trip.  I broke my big toe taking the garbage out.  After a trip to urgent care and a podiatrist and two sets of X-rays I am cleared to go albeit wearing a boot style walking cast.  It has given me new appreciation for how lucky we are and how rare this opportunity is.  I will need to adjust my goals and expectations for myself as to how much work I get done in the first part of the trip.  I'm thankful this trip is a month so I can work at whatever pace my foot allows.  I'm currently downloading a few more books to my Kindle for times when I decide I need a break.  I want to thank again the folks who donated to our go fund me!  That was very kind of you and helped make the trip possible and Of Course I'd like to thank My wife Wendy ( and Shannon's wife Deana).  Without their love, support and patience with the starry eyed dreamers they married none of this would be possible.

We will be off the grid officially on 9/1 and back on 10/1 during that time you will bot get any new posts from us.  We will of course be making new art and content but have no way to share it.  We will start sharing our experience with a live cast from Gallery on Green in Key West on 10/2 at 3 pm.  I will send out an invite to the event for this right before we leave for Key West.

Peace and We'll be back to regular podcasts and posting in October with lots of stories to tell about our adventure.

Loggerhead 2020

Flying Tortuga Brother Carl,

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  1. So exciting that the day is NEARLY here! Glad you can still go even with the boot. :) Looking forward to seeing all you guys create during this amazing residency!