Sunday, July 12, 2020

The sum is greater than the parts!

Hi Gang Carl here:

I hope your weekend is going great!  It is hot here in South Florida! but then again it is July so that is to be expected.  Assuming the residency starts on September 1st (we are waiting on confirmation of that from the National park Service) we are 51 days from the start.  Our Go Found Me is well under way.  Thanks to all our friends, family and fans who have contributed.  Your donation will help us get the gear we need and pay for things like insurance and a sat phone rental.  Donations will also help us while we are editing the documentary and entering film festivals.  So from the bottom of our hearts thank you for your kind donations. Here is the link if you'd like to help us out.  

There are lots of things I think about here around the 50 day mark.  Most of it is details of living on a small tropical island (with a small solar setup for power and a desalination system for fresh water) are at the top of the list.  I think about what gear I need as photographer to tell the story.  I will have to whittle down the pile and whittle it down again, but I want to have a enough stuff to tell the stopry and male the movie look great and have a little bit of backup.  The GoPro hero 8 will do a lot of work and all the underwater stuff, but I have an underwater housing for my iPhone incase the GoPro has an issue or needs a charge, power is one of those things we will need to be aware of at all times, extra batteries and smart use of chargers will be essential.

Another thing I had been thinking about was the film itself.  I was trying to think of how to combine the aesthetics and visions of two different filmmakers into one documentary.  Shannon and I have lots in common, but also key differences in style and what we like.  I at first thought this might be a challenge.  I'm not nearly as concerned about that anymore.  Friday Shannon and I took our new GoPro Hero8s out to start to learn how to use them up at MacArthur State Park in North Palm Beach.  What unfolded erased any fears I may have had.  I realized we both have story telling strengths and our combined skill sets are greater than our individual ones.  I'm a photographer and I'm the kind that has to know how everything works and I need control of the image making before I see a scene.  This is always true of me,  I dig in and need to know all the settings and what they do.  I did many test sequences and fine tuned the cinema settings on the amazing little Hero 8 camera.  In the end I was able to cut together a little video of about 10 shots that told a visual story.  It won't win any awards but, i'm ready to start using the camera.  Shannon's approach trusted the camera's settings.  he put the camera on a selfie stick and did a story while he walked through the wooded part of the trail.  His natural and compelling story telling shined thru in his video.  It was when I saw both pieces Friday afternoon I realized that though different our ways of working will compliment each other and make for an even better documentary than either of us could make on our own.  This film is going to be so much fun to make.  You can visit the Flying Tortuga Brother's Instagram to see both videos.  Right now they are the two most current posts. We plan to make a few more practice runs with the GoPros before the trip.  I hope to get into the water with mine soon.  I'm waiting for a snorkel flag to arrive this week.  We'll share more footage as we shoot stuff.

Loggerhead 2020

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  1. I love the way your differing approaches to storytelling both work so beautifully! Cannot wait to see this future film and experience the residency through two very different lenses!