Sunday, July 5, 2020

New Logo and a GoFundMe

We decided to stand up a GoFundMe for the Flying Tortuga Brothers project yesterday.  The residency comes with a stipend that will get used up pretty quickly and we have big dreams for the residency, the documentary and what happens afterward. The link for our GoFundMe campaign is here  Any donations are greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to make the best documentary film experience possible while being lean with the gear we can bring to Loggerhead key.  That said equipment costs add up.  We are thrilled with the number of family and friends who have donated in the 24 hours since we started the campaign.

We have also had a new logo created by our friends at DeLuxe.  They did a great job and captured the spirit of our project.  They don't just make checks for your business.  You should check them out for your small business needs.  Look for the logo to show up in all of our social media and websites in the near future.  

It was a busy week in Tortugaville.  We had a great meeting about a magazine article we will be featured in after we get back from the residency.  More about that as the time for publication nears.  We were also interviewed on Big Blend Radio's Friday Art's and Parks episode.  We will post a link to the interview just as soon as it is available.

We have a big new podcast episode being recorded this week where our guest will be Tanya Ortega, Founder of the National Parks Arts Foundation.

Enjoy your week!  For us it is back to figuring out exactly what gear to bring and talking about our combined vision for the documentary.

Loggerhead 2020!

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