Thursday, July 9, 2020

Into the fray of planning

Hello All, 

Shannon here with my 1st blog post. It has been an exciting last couple of weeks since being selected as the Next artist in Residence on Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas National Park. Carl and I have been chatting feverishly about logistics, equipment and all things tech about the trip. We have begun acquiring the necessary components to make a poignant statement with our documentary. We have had some difficult conversations regarding our collaborative efforts, forcing both of us the think deeper about the others goals and feelings.  It is unexpected growth and we are 7 weeks from the Island. 
Something about this has had a profound effect on me, personally, already, in a very positive way. 
Working out expectations is, and will always be, an integral part of this particular residency, especially if the two artists are unrelated, i.e.. spouses, parent/ child, etc. 
I have been diligently painting and marketing my paintings. 
Carl has been working his own brand of magic. Keeping our lines of communications flowing, scheduling podcasts and interviews, painting himself, and setting up a GoFund me for us. Shewwww, and then there is the Logo for the Flying Tortuga Brothers. He has been an extremely busy man.
We have both acquired GoPro cameras, and will be doing a trial run with these in the next day or so. I also got this fabulous tarp after doing research and consulting with the the experts at Camping Florida Keys. The less structure the better in our Island situation. 

In the picture here, I gave it a go in the back yard. Good thing to!  I found I would defiantly need special sand stakes.  I will be beneath this Tarp much of the time on Loggerhead and I’m so stoked and ready to paint. 

Best, till next time! 


  1. hooray Shannon! I love this little glimpse into the behind the scenes reality of preparing for the residency. :)

  2. Yay, the ramp up is already showing me how residencies Impact artists. ��