Saturday, June 13, 2020

Two more days

I had a dream last night.  What if it's a tie?  Let me tell you, that sent me down a rabbit hole of possible tie breakers,  It could be an interview, an essay, a bakeoff or a steel cage death match.  Who knows?  I do know I think about the residency too much.  I can see in my mind what it will be like the first morning we wake up on the island after arriving the the day before and squaring away the living situation.  It's amazing how vividly I see what the days and evenings will be like.  Experiencing the heat and the rain, snorkeling, exploring, painting and photographing.  Documenting the experience and living without the internet.  It's like dreaming of a peach and it being so real you can taste it and feel it's juice running down your arms and chin.  

That has led me to thinking about what I would give up to make this residency happen.  Shannon already did his part in the sacrifice department.  He was awarded another residency this year at a chateau in France for a month that included a driver and a chef.  It was a big get!  When he realized he could not do that residency and Dry Tortugas in the same year.  In poker terms he went all in.  He turned down the Chateau in France for a chance to do the Tortugas with me.  That's how strongly he believes in what we are trying to do.  I have been awarded two other residencies as well.  One in Sonoma, California and one in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida.  The same goes for me.  as much as I treasure both of those opportunities.  Flying Tortuga Brothers at Loggerhead key is everything.  I would give up my other residencies in a heartbeat if it moved the needle in our favor even 1/10th of 1 percent.  We have felt since we applied last year that we are destined to be the AiRs on Loggerhead Key.  I do know that if preparation and desire to make great art are part of the equation we will be on Loggerhead Key in September.

Getting back to the format of the blog today I am posting my 5 desert island discs of 5 albums I'd bring on the island.  If you are now envisioning the Professor's coconut gramophone from Gilligan's Island then you are right there with me.  It is of course a theoretical exercise as my phone (which is also my backup camera and backup video camera (it has uses even without the internet) has hundreds of albums downloaded to it.  However, for fun here are the five I want to make sure I have with me.  It's a tough but fun game to play to pass the time.  

Carl's 5 Desert Island Discs

Jerry Garcia, Dog Grisman and Tony Rice - The Pizza Tapes
Elvis Costello - My Aim is True
Chet Baker - the Italian Sessions
Nina Simone - High Priestess of Soul
jimmy Buffett -  Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes

The Pizza Tapes kinda covers bluegrass and the dead so was an easy choice for me.  My Aim is true is my favorite rock album.  It was my go to music in high school and college.  I like this album so much it knocked Springsteen's Born to Run out of my top five.  Chet Baker was the coolest of the 1950's LA jazz trumpet guys.  Again, here is another TKO.  He bounced Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain out of the list.  Nina Simone always, always always get's a spot in my top five there is no debating this issue. Finally if you need a sound track for 40 acre island with a lighthouse and two artists you need some Jimmy Buffett!  That's my desert island discs what are your's?  Shannon is still editing his list and I hope to post it tomorrow when we will be 1 day away.

Loggerhead 2020 or bust!
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers

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