Monday, June 1, 2020

Today's daydream... The gear edition.

Hi Everyone

Well, I'm thinking about the Tortugas residency yet again.  Today my thoughts turn to what art gear I need to bring if we are selected.  Here is where I envy Shannon a bit.  Painter and poet.  Gear wise he can probably make a pretty complete list in a five minutes.  I'm carefully thinking about Film cameras.  They are a total luxury on this trip and may make no real sense, but I'm a photographer down to my socks and I started in the film world.  I'd love to bring one of my 120 film camera but that also means bringing lenses and about 40 rolls of film.  May or may not make it to the final list.  Im also a digital photographer, audio guy, podcaster, a filmmaker, a painter and will be doing a sketch journal.  How to have the best quality stuff and for all that and redundancies within practical weight limits is like a game of Jenga.  pull out one piece and nothing works.  It's a puzzle but one I'm happy to wrestle with now. The list is currently in the form of a wish list by category.  I don't need to make any new purchases, at least I don't think so.  But I need to figure out how to get things there.  Not to mention one more pair of hands to operate the camera and mics during interviews would be great!  That said  Shannon and I are pretty creative and the video from the iPhone 11 is good enough for a lot of the B roll stuff so we'll enjoy the challenge of making it authentic and natural while keeping the gear to a minimum.  I'm going to work on this for a couple of days and report back.  There are too many unknowns at this point that only get answered if we are selected for the residency when we actually start talking to the National Park Service folks at Dry Tortugas.

Also, I'm affected by the events in the outside world and it weighs on my mind as one art residency in the face of the injustice in the world and protests seems pretty insignificant.  I'm trying to think of how we can add that to the topics that get into the documentary.  I think most evenings in the house I'll record most of our discussions and just see what we come up with.  Maybe it will take being on an island with no internet for 30 days to see the world clearly.  Surely that is within the scope of what we are trying to capture.  Anyway I'll report back in a few days as we get closer to the Dry Tortugas announcement and we have a clearer idea of the future of the project.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust,

Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers.

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  1. counting down with you guys! It won't be long before you are not just planning the gear, but packing it!