Friday, June 12, 2020

Three days left

We are down to three days until the announcement of this year's artists in residence in the Dry Tortugas.  I'm still thinking about my desert island discs.  I'll post those on Sunday.  The list is still fluid at this point.  It was a tougher exercise than I thought it would.  Five is not a lot of albums.  I have a feeling I will fee the same way about packing supplies if we get the residency. 

Does anybody out there have a funny residency story to share or been secretly wishing to be an AiR somewhere?  I'd love to hear where you want to go.

Loggerhead or bust!
Carl Stoveland
on belhalf of the Flying Tortuga Brothers



    My favorite residency story is when a fellow artist came to visit me while I was AiR in Ireland. We went touring through the Gap of Dunloe. She got out of the car to follow some sheep up a mountain - and came down with a FISH! No water up there at all. But apparently a raptor of some sort who didn't have a firm grip on his catch. :)