Friday, June 5, 2020

From the studio


Well here we are 10 days out from the announcement of which pair of artists get to spend September on Loggerhead Key.  I feel a bit like Charlie Bucket waiting for the announcement of the Wonka golden ticket.
What are we doing?  Well since there is not much we can do to affect the outcome of the decision at this point it is back to the studio for both of us.

Shannon Torrence
"in the Mix"
6x6" acrylic

Shannon has been working away on his Florida scenes in acrylic.  Thanks to Instagram some  have been selling before they are even dry.

Carl Stoveland
"Publix Lake Worth Beach"
9x16" watercolor and fountain pen

I have been on a bit of an architectural kick lately painting interesting buildings in watercolor after drawing them with a fountain pen.

For both of us keeping busy is the key.  Self quarantining has been a drag to be sure, but with Florida's numbers on the rise after the partial reopening I think it is the wise course.  The upside is more studio time.  The downside is sometimes the outside world gets in through the news and social media and the desire to paint can get zapped.  We continue working and chatting most days about what a month on Loggerhead Key in the Dry Tortugas will be like.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust!
Carl Stoveland
writing for the Flying Tortuga Brothers


  1. 10 days! And more art from two Florida creative masters. Thank you for letting us count down with you!!!

  2. Making art passes the time! We are feeling good but not cocky about our chances for this year. Thanks Jen for always supporting us!