Sunday, June 7, 2020

About a week to go


Here we are 8 days before the AiRs (artists in residence) for Dry Tortugas National Park in 2020 are announced!  Actually if you are one of the people reading this you probably already know this as I have been posting nearly daily since we sent the application in.  The reality is it is more for me  than for you.  I hope you are enjoying this glimpse into the nerve wracking time period between application and announcement, but in reality it is therapy for me to talk about what I am thinking about.  I've done the bulk of these posts with input from Shannon because  even though we live half a mile from each other we and our wives have taken social distancing and self quarantining seriously.  This is smart but has also put a magnifying glass to my little hamster on a wheel brain while we wait out the process.  I feel really good about our application, but given enough time it is natural to think about what you might have changed or said or not said in the application.  We are saving our next podcast for after announcements, but are working hard to keep the FTB social media current.  Daily blog posts and updates to our personal and the FTB instagram mostly.  Of all the things Shannon and I have chatted about over the past 15 months we have put into the project there is one thing we have not discussed.  What will we do if not selected.  I can't answer that for sure.  Like I said we have not discussed it.  I don't think we are superstitious, it's just that the idea has literally not crossed our minds.  It's also not that we are cocky about it.  We have a goal and we are trying to drive right to and through the goal.  Anyway that is what's going through my head this morning.  One thing about being home for the last few months is I have had a great deal of time to paint and explore new mediums to be incorporated in the residency.  For instance I am doing a lot of sketching with fountain pen.  I have been taking classes on urban sketching, watercolor, figures and acrylic.  I have been pretty prolific actually and have enough for a nice show at some point.  I painted this ink and watercolor sketch yesterday of Grand Central Station in NY.

I have also been reading up on Dry Tortugas.  It was discovered by Ponce de Leon and named Las Tortugas for the many sea-turtles he saw there.  Dry was added later when they realized there is no fresh water on the 7 islands that make up the Tortugas.  It is a bird lovers paradise as so many species stop there on the way south for the winter due to its strategic location.  Garden Key has the largest masonry (brick) building in the Northern Hemisphere.  The fort built for its strategic location on the edge of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.  It was used for a time as a prison and housed Dr Samuel Mudd famous for setting John Wilkes Booth's leg after he shot President Lincoln.  There is a lot of history to be learned about this fascinating place.  Ernest Hemingway and several friends were stranded at Fort Jefferson for two weeks once on a fishing trip gone awry.

Thanks for taking the time to follow our journey this year it has been a blast and one we hope continues onto and beyond Loggerhead Key!

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust!
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers.

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