Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A little relief

Hey Everyone,

My jaw has been aching since the weekend.  I finally realized it was from the stress of not knowing if we'd get the residency or not.  I have been grinding my teeth at night for about a week!  Maybe now that the selection process is behind us I'll stop grinding my teeth!

One other thing was causing me stress,  From the minute we learned we were going to be the AiR's I knew I had a tough decision to make.  In this incredibly strange year that is 2020 I was selected for 3 different residencies.  I was supposed to go to Chalk Hill in Sonoma Ca. to create from August 4th to the 18th.  The more I thought about it the more I realized less than two weeks between a residency in California and the most remote place in Florida was just not feasible.  I had to cancel the Chalk Hill Residency.  The folks at Chalk Hill were great and were very happy for me about Dry Tortugas.  I plan to apply again at Chalk Hill in 2021 as it is definitely a place I'd like to unplug and create new art for a few weeks.  That is a weight off of my mind.  I'll be able to put all of my focus and energy into the residency with Shannon in the Tortugas.  That was always the brass ring for 2020 and needs to take precedence.

So what are we up to?  It's a bit less frantic.  Shannon is happily back in the studio today.  We sent out press releases yesterday and have already begun to get inquiries.  Which is very exciting!  We were interviewed yesterday for an article in our local hometown paper the Lake Worth Herald.  We do love our little South Florida town and it's newspaper that has been here about as long as the town.  Tomorrow I'll drag Shannon out of the studio for a few hours for our first podcast episode since we found out we are going to the Dry Tortugas.  We'll be on the other side of the microphone this time we will be interviewed by our good friend and Lake Worth Neighbor Mary Lindsey.  That's about all we have to report from Tortugaville today.  Keep following along with us we'll blog right up to the day we leave for Loggerhead Key and start up a month later to share stories of life on the island.

Loggerhead 2020 (I don'r have to say or bust anymore!)
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers

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