Friday, June 19, 2020

a highlight from the first year of the Tortuga Brother's journey

Here is a memory from just over a year ago near the beginning of the FTB podcast journey.  We were looking for guests to start the series off with that could talk about residencies and art and photography.  I had met the legendary photographer Clyde Butcher once at his Big Cypress Gallery and been out with his guides in the swamp taking photos four or five times.  So I sent off an email asking for an interview.  Not really expecting a reply,  I had a reply later the same day from Clyde's wife Niki saying he loved the idea and would be happy to take part.  So that next Week Shannon and I packed up the recording gear and headed off to Clydes gallery and darkroom across the state in Venice FL.  Driving past ranches, orange groves and Lake Okeechobee Shannon and I talked about our hopes for the project and what we thought the residency would be like.  We spent a couple of hours recording Clyde that became our first big interview done as a two parter.  Thanks Clyde for getting us rolling on the Tortuga Brother's project.

the Tortuga Brothers with Clyde Butcher in his Venice, FL gallery

There is lot's of administrative work and planning in the next few weeks but we plan to produce more podcast episodes in the weeks to come soon.  We both have our eyes cautiously on the Covid Numbers in Florida.  As the numbers climb again will it put the residency in jeopardy.  We don't know.  Hopefully it might just mean a delay if the Keys are closed down again.  For now we can only do the work and keep our eyes on the prize for September.  After all We'd be the safest two artists in Florida during the residency being that far off the grid.

Loggerhead 2020
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers

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