Tuesday, June 9, 2020

6 days and counting

Do you remember the desert island disc game?  We would play it as kids and teens curating the list of the perfect 5 albums you would take on a desert island.  Who knew this exercise would actually come in handy one day.  Mostly a moot point these days,  As long as your phone has batteries you probably have 100's of albums to choose from.  I do.  It is a fun exercise though and I'll ask that of Shannon today and make that one of the last posts before the AiR's for Dry Tortugas are announced.  It will be fun and not an easy exercise to limit it to 5.  I might be able to narrow it to 5 per genre.  I like a lot more kinds of music than when we used to spend summer afternoons playing this game while we hiked across Schunemunk Mountain to get to a favorite waterfall with a pool.  This memory always makes me think of the movie Stand by Me.  funny the connections we make.  Where was I going before I stopped to think about which Elvis Costello album would get shoehorned into the top 5 and does that mean Echo and the Bunnymen will lose their spot?  My teenage angsty self would be so disappointed.  Oh yeah, back on track I have been exploring what the time between application to this residency and the announcement is like.  For me it's all about lists.  I have a list of art supplies to bring, Cameras to bring, clothing, food, supplies in general, a shot list for documentary.  The list (of lists) goes on and on as they say.  Much like the application I have a project plan on my mac to keep track of it all.

Today I am focusing on one list and that is cameras to bring.  How do I get redundancy for all the things I need for 30 days to do the work I want without needing a cargo container to carry it all?  I want to be able to take photos, underwater, at night of the milky-way, movies, Infrared photos and on film.  and so on.  This is the trip of a lifetime and I don't want to miss a shot or not get the footage I want to tell the story in our documentary.  Sand, heat, rain and saltwater mean I need backups for everything.  I know this is a cart before the horse exercise as we still need to be named the artists in residence before any of this means anything, but I want to be prepared.  Let's start with the backup.  There is one piece of equipment that is actually good enough in a pinch to handle many of the photographic jobs except maybe not the dark sky photos, but we are going to try that too.  That piece of equipment is my IPhone11 pro.  I have had the phone a few months now and even used it to film the intro scene in the trailer we submitted with the application.  It has knocked my socks off with its images and footage so it with the addition of an underwater housing for it the IPhone (even without phone service or internet will be invaluable and its size and convenience may even mean it will take a starring roll.  Next up My Canon 5D MII is a great choice.  it is still a great camera but a bit on the old side so I won't be afraid to use it.  My infrared camera is also a canon so they can share lenses so that makes for a nice tidy setup.  I want to shoot film.  Is wanting to shoot film a good enough reason to bring 2 more cameras and 40 rolls of film that I have to keep out of the heat?  I don't know?  Then If I bring film cameras that's a whole different list and debate.  I'd like to shoot some film.  Maybe make that just one camera a 6x7 rangefinder or the super wide angle Hasselblad?  It takes me done a rocky road because then I want a backup.  If I choose my Pentax 645 N then I have all the lenses I need with me to bring my Pentax 645 digital camera.  That is the one I took out west camping last summer.  It's a circular argument.  I don't know the answer and ask me tomorrow I'll have different ideas.

Now onto what watercolor paper to bring..... One thing I do know is my paints.  I recently switched to QoR watercolors by Golden Artist Colors.  They are amazing and will be the paints I bring.  So that's one thing I can cross off my list. 

Loggerhead 2020 or bust!
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers

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