Wednesday, June 10, 2020

5 days to go

Here we are 5 days away from the Dry Tortugas residency AiRs being announced.  If I had one wish at this point it would be that all the finalists be able to get the residency.  I know that is not possible as there is only 1 month a year for the residency, but I wish each of the talented pairs who came up with an idea and sweated bullets over each and every word of the application could get the opportunity.  there is a 16 file limit to the application.  That sounds like a lot right? If you are a one artist team and work in one medium that may be more than you need.  In our case Shannon and I are both artists and between us we are an acrylic painter, a poet, a photographer, a watercolorist, filmmakers and podcasters.  I literally made the choice to not submit any watercolors as part of the package.  That was a tough call, but I think the right one.  I'm sure other teams faced the same decisions.  To our fellow potential artists in residence Shannon and I sincerely say good luck.

After a great phone call about residency stuff last night with a new friend,  Shannon and I sat on my front porch.  It was the first time in many months we have been face to face to talk about the residency.  We practiced social distancing of course, but in person is so much better than phone calls and Zoom at least to me.  For the first time in a while we allowed ourselves to think past the application and selection process and talk about what we would do and gear we might bring to make the documentary.  Rain was falling I could hear it pinging lightly on the palm trees in my front yard.  I imagined it was what the end of a day creating on Loggerhead Key would be like.  Hanging out with my friend and talking about the adventure du Jour.  I've talked a great deal on the blog about not putting the cart before the horse, but last night as we said goodbye and Shannon ambled off in the direction of his house, I thought yes we are ready for this adventure!  If we are selected we will make  it epic and we will take you all along for the ride!  That will be tricky with no internet, but I expect between pre-recorded posts and podcasts and the occasional message in a bottle you will get enough of a taste until we get back and start showing the collection of work we produce.  To my partner in crime and good friend Shannon  Torrence thank you for thinking I was the one person crazy enough to  to join you on an adventure like this and reaching out in time for us to apply for the 2019 residency.  We were not selected for that one but we learned a lot and it made us even more prepared and hungry for this year.

Shannon's paint box set up for a day of painting at the beach

Tortuga Brother Shannon Torrence
He look the part of an artist in residence already!

Loggerhead 2020 or bust!
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga brothers

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