Tuesday, June 2, 2020

13 Days out


According to the countdown clock on my phone announcements for Dry Tortugas are 13 days away!  My thoughts for the last two days have been more on the outside world wha's going on in my country.  It is tough to watch what is going on and not be affected by it.  

Thinking about the possibility of a Dry Tortugas Residency in September is helping me take my mind off of current events for a spell.  I saw Shannon the other day socially distance maintained of course.  we talked about what a day on the island might look like.  For Shannon he hopes to be up early and to fish on most days where it is allowed.  He hopes to augment the protein we bring to the island this way.  After fishing he will paint and then when the sun is at its worst get a shady spot near or in the house to write.  We will likely have our big meal in the afternoon.  After dinner more painting either out on the island or inside from the day's sketches.  My days will involve a little of following Shannon around getting footage for the documentary as well as photography and watercolor.  I expect evenings to be the big interview portion of the film where we will meet up and chat about the day's events.  I will also take advantage of the fact that Dry Tortugas have some of the darkest skies anywhere.  Milkyway photography will be high on my list during the new moon from say the 14th to 20th of September.   I will paint as well as journal too.  We should be able to produce a lot of great work and sketches while on the island.  With no internet I have decided not to bring a laptop and just make sure I bring plenty of memory cards.  We won't be able to get images out to social media or do live podcasts since we will be off the grid.  We may be on Garden Key once or twice at Fort Jefferson to give Q&As.  We might then be able to send a few pictures up from our phones but I'm not counting on it.  We will pre-record 4 interviews for the podcast and schedule them for while we are gone.  This of course all hinges on us being the team selected for the residency.  Speaking of the podcast.  We are on a little break right now until the announcements.  If we are selected we will jump right back in with new content and keep going right through and after the residency.  Depending on schedules you will get one or both of us in new episodes every couple of weeks.  Assuming for a minute we get the residency we would have a year to produce the documentary and enter it in film festivals etc.  I'd love to continue the podcast for that entire year to share our experiences of course and speak with more artist residencies from the National Parks and beyond.

I'm planning on getting out to Big Cypress National Preserve this week with my camera.  I'd like to explore loop road and  get a sense of places I want to spend time when I finally get to have my covid rescheduled residency there in November.

Loggerhead 202 or Bust
Carl Stoveland 
for the 
Flying Tortuga Brothers

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