Sunday, May 31, 2020

T minus 14 days....

I'm not getting my heart set on being the team selected as artists in residence in the Dry Tortugas for 2020, but I do care about it.  We worked hard for over a year.  Coming up with a plan and then implementing the plan.  I'm really proud of our podcast and the trailer or promo we made for the documentary film we will make on the during our stay on Loggerhead Key.  The time between submitting the application and the announcements is a reflective one especially when its a short time between upload and announcements.  Covid19 forced the deadline for submissions to be extended several times, but in fairness to the winners who go to Loggerhead Key in September they can't push off the announcement much so its a perfect storm.  I don't know how other artists deal with the time.  Shannon and I go into a daydreamer mode.  We talk about what supplies we will need.  not the final list more spitballing as we are limited in how much we can bring and we need to plan to bring food for a month!  We talk a lot about what we think the days on the island will be like.   I have done a bit of research about when the new moon falls ( September 17th) because the best Milkyway photographs will be possible from the 15th to the 19th.  We had a bit of panic this week when the video we sent up as part of the submission had gotten corrupted in upload.  Problem solved and it all in the hands of the judges now.  In the process of looking for the video to confirm it was ok here and could go back up I looked at our submission folder from last year.  Yes we applied and were not accepted last year.  Which turned out to be a good thing in so many ways and set us up to be really and truly prepared with a vision for this year. Anyway, while I was looking through the 2019 folder I found a press release we wrote a month before the winning team was announced.  I can't believe we were that cocky and confident since last year we applied at the last minute.  

Win lose or draw this year, this very strange year of 2020 with so many things going on and not at the same time, I am not really concerned anymore about 'winning or losing'.  The idea that it is the journey and not the destination is so true.  I have enjoyed every minute of recording interviews, filming, editing the trailer and putting together the application with my fellow Tortuga Brother Shannon.  I'm ok with whatever happens.  I'm thrilled with my artistic growth this year.  That said it would be great to see this thing all the way through to its logical conclusion and be on Loggerhead Key for all of September.

Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers


  1. I adore this post....your reflections on last year's process and attitude! Nothing wrong with confidence - and TENACITY! Which you two have in spades!

  2. Thanks Jen! We have been all in on this project for over 14 months. Leaving it all on the field. Trying to Swashbuckle our way to the top og the list!