Thursday, May 28, 2020

a shift of thought for today

 Sunset in the Keys

Today I have some more thoughts as the days pass before the 2020 AiRs for Dry Tortugas National Park are announced on 6/15.  Today I'm not thinking about Shannon and I and what we would do as AiRs.  I am thinking about who the other applicants are?  I have no way of knowing really.  We were the 11th team to apply when we started the application in March.  Last year we were number 61.  Who are the other applicants?  What are they planning to do on the island?  What mediums do they work.  Are they dreaming of a month on the island like we are.  I imagine at least this year they are with so much shut down and people social distancing there is so much time to get in your head.  I have a running movie in my head of what the days will be like.  We have been planning for over a year so it's natural that I'm thinking about the days.  Are the other teams?  maybe they applied six months ago and have not thought about it since.  What are the team makeups?  Are they couples, or artist pairs?  Is one an artist and the other company?  so many permutations... Whoever they are I hope they are having fun dreaming of sunsets like this one taken in Islamorada or sunrise on the other side of the island like I am and I know Shannon is!

17 more days until announcement day!

Tomorrow I'll share my thoughts on how I think days will go and what we will get done on the island if chosen.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust
Carl Stoveland
for the Flying Tortuga Brothers

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