Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Episode 13 Beth and Hailey Williams

Latest Episode of the Flying Tortuga Brothers Podcast is available!
Our guests are the Mother Daughter artist team of Beth and Hailey Williams who just spent the Month of September on Loggerhead Key as Artists in Residence in the Dry Tortugas.  The same residency Shannon and I hope to be chosen for in 2020.  Join us for this great informative conversation.  Many thanks to Beth and Hailey for taking the time to visit with us.

Hailey and Beth up in the lighthouse on Loggerhead Key!

You can find links to Beth and Hailey's websites to the right in the artists section.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Printing Workshop

The Flying Tortuga Brothers took a break from their studios on Sunday to take a workshop making linocut Calavera prints as part of Lake Worth's Dia de los Muertos events.  The workshop was taught by John and Seth from Convivio Bookworks and hosted at Hatch1121 by Jose Mendez.  What a great and informative workshop!  We both enjoyed ourselves and found new tools we can include in our art making.  Thanks for bringing this great workshop to Lake Worth!


Back to our Flying Tortuga Brothers duties we recorded episode 13 of the podcast today with Beth and Hailey Williams, the 2019 Artists in Residence at Dry Tortugas National Park.  Beth and Hailey were kind enough to share their experiences on Loggerhead Key.  We had a great conversation and got a great glimpse into what life on the island will be like from the two most recent AIRs.  We will be posting the podcast tomorrow on Tuesday 11/29.  So tune in and check it out.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust!
Carl and Shannon 
the Flying Tortuga Brothers