Saturday, August 17, 2019

Latest Podcast with Kelly Clark

Hi Friends of the FTB

Shannon really brought home the bacon when he found our guest for this weeks episode of the Flying Tortuga Brothers Podcast.  Kelly Clark works for the national Park Service and served as a Park Ranger in Dry Tortugas National Park for sixteen years!  Kelly shares her passion and knowledge for the Dry Tortugas with us in this episode.  I speak for Shannon and myself when I say we both thought we'd be inspired by what Kelly had to say.  I don't think either of us was prepared for how much of an impact the interview would have on us and we are even more inspired to be (hopefully) selected as artists in residence for 2020.  Both Shannon and myself have had as a motivation for doing this residency to be able to shine a light on the National Parks and the need preserve and defend them.  Second only to our our desire to experience the power of exploring being cut off from society and what it does to our collective creative inspiration.  As we get further into this series of podcasts and interviewing amazing people like Kelly a subtle yet monumental shift has occurred.  We find the need to be ambassadors for the National Parks and the environment (most notably coastal Florida and the Everglades but honestly across the globe) as our primary motivating factor.  Using all the gifts in our artistic tool-bags to heighten awareness of the importance of safe-guarding our National Pparks and wild places.

Shannon and I hope you enjoy this latest episode of the podcast.  We will be bringing you more episodes with guest interviews who can speak on art, residencies and the Dry Tortugas.   So stay tuned and subscribe to the podcast!

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Carl and Shannon
The Flying Tortuga Brothers

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