Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Latest Podcast with Harun Mehmedinović co creator of Project Skyglow

This Week's Flying Tortuga Brothers Podcast episode is an interview with Harun Mehmedinović, co-creator of Project Skyglow.  Harun is a photographer / Filmmaker/ Environmental Advocate.  Project Skyglow is dedicated to raising awareness about the vanishing dark sky places in the world and the effects it has on people and animals.  We sat down for nearly and hour and had a great conversation. Here is the link to Episode 10 of the FTB podcast.  Harun's passion for the subject comes through in the conversation and in the amazing films Project Skyglow is making.Both Shannon and myself have looked to the night skies as inspiration for creating our art and plan to spend a lot more time working on it if we are selected as artists in Residence in the Dry Tortugas in 2020.

Milkyway over the Everglades by Carl Stoveland

Milkyway by Shannon Torrence

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