Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Carl's Pacific Northwest Journey Part 2

Day 1

4:30 am leave for airport.  It turns out 95 is really quiet at this time of the morning.  Home to airport in 30 minutes flat. (88*)

4:30pm (local) Arrive at hotel in Portland, my base for the next couple of days.  Turns out the hotel I picked because it is downtown is the old Multnomah Hotel which opened in 1911.  It was a great hotel and had an awesome old lobby. (64*)

Having only two days to explore Portland I relied on recommendations by my friend Jen Walls who had moved to Portland six months earlier.  Armed with Jen's great suggestions I headed to the Japanese garden the first afternoon.

In all honesty a great quirky city like Portland deserves way more than two days, but since I was meeting Shawn on 6/19 I just saw as much as I could.  I finally left the garden when they were closing for the night.  
It had been a long day of travel and I had a big day planned for Tuesday the 18th so I headed back to the hotel, got a bite to eat and was off to sleep pretty quickly, dreaming of the adventure awaiting me for the next few weeks.
Tomorrow I will post a full day exploring Portland and then we will dive into 9 days of camping and photography after that.  I have been home a week and a half and have about 90% of my edits of the photos done.  I can't imagine how long it will take Shawn to edit his 4 months of images when he returns at the end of August.  

Each post I do here I will try to tie it back to how it relates to Shannon's and my efforts as the Flying Tortuga Brothers to be named artists in residence in the Dry Tortugas in 2020.  For this early part of the trip and the time leading up to the trip I used the same project management skills I will need for planning the month on Loggerhead Key so that we will have a safe art filled residency and not run out of provisions.  Keep checking back as I will document each part of the trip every couple of days.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust!

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