Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Carl's Pacific Northwest Journey Part 1

Tortuga Brother Carl (Me)

I just returned from a three week journey in the Pacific Northwest.  My friend photographer Shawn Moss is on a four month coast to coast photo trip of North America.  I tagged along for part of his trip we spent 9 days together camping, driving and photographing in Oregon and Washington.  I bookended the trip with time in Portland and then Seattle and California to make mine a three week trip exploring landscapes I had never seen before.  I will document the trip with a few posts with photos and notes I made along the way.  While I definitely had access to my phone at times.  I was able to cut way back on my social media and news consumption.  That was a blessing in and of itself, it also got me in the habit of making notes in a journal everyday.  I will be forever changed by the rugged coastline, mountains and rainforests I saw on the trip it makes me even more certain we must protect our natural treasures for the generations to come.  Tomorrow I will make my first journal post of the trip.  So if you have a mind to follow along.  I'll share some great photos and some stories from the road.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust

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