Tuesday, July 30, 2019

This weeks podcast interview with Beatriz Chachamovits

This week on the podcast we interview ocean researcher, environmental activist and artist Beatriz Chachamovits.  It was a fascinating discussion about art, the coral reefs, our environment and art residencies.  Using her art as a platform to talk about the decline of coral reefs and our oceans has made Beatriz successful at getting accepted for residencies and building public awareness. We both learned a lot that we will use our residency application strategies going forward.   Listen to the podcast here.

To find out more about Beatriz and her work go to her website at www.beatrizchachamovits.com

The Flying Tortuga Brothers
Carl and Shanon

Monday, July 29, 2019

Latest Podcast and Twitter

Hi Gang!

Our latest podcast with artist Jen Jovan Walls can be found at the Flying Tortuga Brothers podcast.

You can also find the Tortuga Brothers on Twitter @flyingtortugab1 make sure to follow us as we will post random thoughts here as well as new announcements between blog posts.

Later this week I will get back to posting about my Pacific NorthWest trip.


Friday, July 19, 2019

Portland continued. Carl's PNW Journey part three

Day 2
Portland continued.

Day two of my trip.  My only full day in Portland.  After a quick breakfast at the hotel I headed out to explore downtown a bit.  I could not go far as I found a small photo lab and camera store, Yes. They still exist in small corners of the civilized world.  I need to stop in when they opened for a polarizing filter and a neutral density filter.  I cleaned mine before the trip and left them on my desk... Duh.  Oh well in the grand scheme of things a small blip.  After getting the filters I wanted thru the Pearl neighborhood and Chinatown.  I love that much of the old 1950's neon and signage still exists in Portland.  The city has a welcoming feeling of old and new and the independent spirit permeates every fiber of the city.  I found myself at the Chinese Gardens when they opened and spent several hours there.

The Chinese Gardens were an Oasis in the middle of the city a gem hidden in a few blocks space.  The garden was a contrast to the sprawling Japanese Garden from the day before.  Both incredibly beautiful but quite different.  In the afternoon I wandered the length of Alberta Street with its shop and galleries and murals.  There were so many murals.  sometimes on the front of buildings and other times waiting to be discovered down overgrown alleyways.  I was in my glory thing to show of this amalgamation of function and art.  Some of it was whimsical, some with a purpose, Some angry and some joyful.  A stroll down Alberta street is required for any visitor of Portland.  I was thoroughly charmed by this city.  Portland was explained to me as being like Lake Worth on steroids.  That sounds about right, although I'd add it has very polite drivers and pedestrians who get along quite nicely.  Both Portland and Later in Seattle I saw a lot of homeless folks.  I saw tents on sidewalks and small encampments.  I will say that by 8am the tents were put away and it was business as usual.  Considering how many people seemed to be living on the streets there also seemed to be very little begging.  I'm not sure how this all works but it seems to function ok.  Anyway.  It was a city i would love to spend more time in.

After an afternoon on Alberta Street I met up with Ron and Jen Walls and Jen's sisters Wendy and Sarah at Ned Ludd Restaurant in the NE corner of the city for an amazing farm to table meal and an evening of great conversation about art and politics and family and all sorts of stuff.  It was an amazing evening and would be the last meal I had with cloth napkins for the next two weeks as the next day I would meet up with Shawn Moss and the camping portion of the adventure would start. which meant I would babe trading hotels for tents and restaurants for meals cooked over open fires.  The adventure continues tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

A day in the life. A short film

Today I will put a pin in the posts about my Pacific Northwest trip to share a short film Shannon and I made this morning of his routine on days when he paints at the beach.  I am building clips like these and interviews for the Flying Tortuga Brothers documentary film that goes with this project.  As I make a few more videos I will make a YouTube channel for the FTB and link the videos here on the website so they will be easy to find.

The Flying Tortuga Brothers

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Carl's Pacific Northwest Journey Part 2

Day 1

4:30 am leave for airport.  It turns out 95 is really quiet at this time of the morning.  Home to airport in 30 minutes flat. (88*)

4:30pm (local) Arrive at hotel in Portland, my base for the next couple of days.  Turns out the hotel I picked because it is downtown is the old Multnomah Hotel which opened in 1911.  It was a great hotel and had an awesome old lobby. (64*)

Having only two days to explore Portland I relied on recommendations by my friend Jen Walls who had moved to Portland six months earlier.  Armed with Jen's great suggestions I headed to the Japanese garden the first afternoon.

In all honesty a great quirky city like Portland deserves way more than two days, but since I was meeting Shawn on 6/19 I just saw as much as I could.  I finally left the garden when they were closing for the night.  
It had been a long day of travel and I had a big day planned for Tuesday the 18th so I headed back to the hotel, got a bite to eat and was off to sleep pretty quickly, dreaming of the adventure awaiting me for the next few weeks.
Tomorrow I will post a full day exploring Portland and then we will dive into 9 days of camping and photography after that.  I have been home a week and a half and have about 90% of my edits of the photos done.  I can't imagine how long it will take Shawn to edit his 4 months of images when he returns at the end of August.  

Each post I do here I will try to tie it back to how it relates to Shannon's and my efforts as the Flying Tortuga Brothers to be named artists in residence in the Dry Tortugas in 2020.  For this early part of the trip and the time leading up to the trip I used the same project management skills I will need for planning the month on Loggerhead Key so that we will have a safe art filled residency and not run out of provisions.  Keep checking back as I will document each part of the trip every couple of days.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Carl's Pacific Northwest Journey Part 1

Tortuga Brother Carl (Me)

I just returned from a three week journey in the Pacific Northwest.  My friend photographer Shawn Moss is on a four month coast to coast photo trip of North America.  I tagged along for part of his trip we spent 9 days together camping, driving and photographing in Oregon and Washington.  I bookended the trip with time in Portland and then Seattle and California to make mine a three week trip exploring landscapes I had never seen before.  I will document the trip with a few posts with photos and notes I made along the way.  While I definitely had access to my phone at times.  I was able to cut way back on my social media and news consumption.  That was a blessing in and of itself, it also got me in the habit of making notes in a journal everyday.  I will be forever changed by the rugged coastline, mountains and rainforests I saw on the trip it makes me even more certain we must protect our natural treasures for the generations to come.  Tomorrow I will make my first journal post of the trip.  So if you have a mind to follow along.  I'll share some great photos and some stories from the road.

Loggerhead 2020 or Bust

Friday, July 12, 2019

Instagram and more.

The Tortuga Brothers have expanded their social media footprint with an Instagram account to share photos of the journey to getting selected as artists in residence for Dry Tortugas National Park at Loggerhead Key.  you can find our instagram at https://www.instagram.com/flyingtortugabrothers/ or in the links box on this page.

The Brothers recorded their latest podcast this week it will go live on Saturday 7/13/19.   They talk about what they have been up to for the last four weeks and what's next.
Loggerhead 2020  or Bust!
The Flying Tortuga Brothers