Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pacific North West here I come

Hi Gang,

Tortuga Brother Carl here.  I have been asked quite a bit about the purpose of my trip out to the Pacific North West that I am leaving for on Monday.  Am I making a book?  Am I planning a show of the images? these and questions like them have been asked since I announced I would be going on this trip.  The really simple answer is I don't know, maybe... I have no agenda other than to do some artistic exploration in an area I have never been before.  It is new to me.  There is nothing quite so thrilling to me as  shooting someplace new with a camera.  New places and reactions to a new environment always thrill me.  I will record a couple of interviews with Shawn Moss for the podcasts, but it is likely they will not be posted until I return in early July.  The other notion I have is to take a step back from the noise of constant news and technology 24/7.  My mind needs the quiet because the base line news level has been become a louder and louder hum in my ears and grows daily.  being exposed to all of the deviseness and hate mongering in our news feeds can't be good for any of us.  To really experience nature and be able to capture it this noise needs to be shed like a dirty shirt.  For that reason I purposefully plan to interact less with the internet and social media.  I may surface for a post here and there to share the joy of what I am seeing and then slip quietly back beneath the surface of the noise.

What will I be doing then?  I will start with exploring Portland.  this funky city is just the right start for me to reset my mind and clear out the clutter.  While in Portland I'll be meeting up with my friends Jen and Ron who moved to Portland six months ago.  After Portland I will meet up with my friend Shawn Moss who is on a four moth journey photographing the U.S.  We will camp, hike, photograph and explore the Columbia Gorge and coastal Oregon and Washington.  The trip will conclude in Seattle where I explore the city for a few days and also meet up with my cousin Debbie for dinner.  We have not seen each other since I was a very small boy in NY but have become friendly over Facebook in the last few years.  OK, so not all of social media is evil.  Reconnecting with family and friends has been the thing that keeps me connected FB and Instagram etc.  

Living simply in nature and focusing on my photography feels like the perfect tonic for today's political, technology stressed out blues we all can get.  I'm going to keep a journal, yes a real paper and ink journal of my thoughts along the way that may find their way here or in a podcast or even to accompany photographs at some point.  I am creatively open to what I find when I open myself up to hearing the natural world.  I think of this trip as being like one of my swamp walks on steroids.

Following Seattle I will fly to California where I will meet up with Wendy and spend time with my Brother, Doug and my Sister-in-Law Staci.  A quick trip to wine country with family seems like the perfect capstone for this trip.  It's possible you'll get a few posts here and there from me, but it is equally possible I will go silent until I get to California.  I am not even bringing my laptop.  I don't want to spend my time in nature editing my photos.  There will be plenty of time for that when I return to Florida.

Loggerhead 2020 or bust...

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